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The technologies of today add a new dimension to our products. Take, for example, our e-Board interactive whiteboards, fitted with easy-to-operate multi-touch technology. Touch recognition means you can operate the e-Board Touch using a stylus, your finger or the palm of your hand. Thanks to the enamel steel surface, the e-Board interactive whiteboard can be used in the same way as a traditional whiteboard at the same time, enabling you to write on it with a marker. The e-Board Touch is an extension of your desktop or laptop which can be used to create an interactive environment, whether in a classroom or a meeting room.

The benefits of e-Board interactive whiteboard

Available in various sizes

Fast-response touch system

Can be used by multiple users simultaneously

Plug and play

Enamel steel surface enables the user to write with confidence

Long service life with 25 year guarantee for the board surface

Comes complete with user-friendly software

Design your own ideal interactive solution
Every meeting room and classroom is unique, and every user needs an interactive solution for a different purpose. Legamaster understands this, which is why they offer you the possibility of designing your own ideal interactive solution. By combining different components, you can create a solution perfectly tailored to suit your individual needs: from an interactive whiteboard mounted on a column system or on the wall to one with a mobile stand.

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